Copy of Calico Critters Grocery Market Set


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This is a Calico Critters Grocery Market Set.

Calico Critters feature all kinds of small animals who wear clothes and live in detailed homes. They are very detailed but there’s no lack of durability for play. 

This set includes so many cool items for play. Adorable! 

Included: Main Unit, Floor, Fence x2, Shelf, Checkout Counter, Scanner, Shopping Basket, Personal Shopping Bag, Point Card, Egg x2, Canned Item (Small) x2, Milk x2, Apple Juice, Orange Juice, Cracker x2, Cereal x2, Apple x3, Paprika x3, Lettuce x2, Tomato x3, Banana x2, Orange x3 (a total of 40 pieces)

Recommended Age: 3+

Condition: Brand New