Dragons Toob Mini Figures Safari Ltd



Now this is really neat! It’s a tube of miniature dragon figures from the company Safari Ltd. Safari Ltd. is known for making very high quality animal and insects figures, but they also have one foot in the mythological creatures realm. What’s great about the Dragons Toob, is that is has a very nice price point and gives the kids six miniature dragons to play with.

The dragons are hand painted and the quality is great for miniature figures at a decent price. Safari Ltd. does a great job of this. They have a knack for knowing that parents are on a budget, and still putting love and attention into their products, even the ones that aren’t their most expensive. The dragons toob set is a great little gift for a dragon enthusiast. Very neat.

The dragon toob set features the Forest Dragon, Ice Dragon, Midnight Moon Dragon, Mountain Dragon, Cloud Dragon and Chinese Horned Dragon.
Recommended Age: 3+

Condition: Brand New

Dimensions:  1.79″ x 1.79″ x 10.41″ (Packaged) X 1 Dragons Toob Mini Figures Safari Ltd