Guild Master Board Game



This is Guild Master The Board Game produced by Alliance Games.

You are the Master of a new Adventuring Guild, competing with rival Guilds for fame as increasingly dangerous events threaten the city.

Combine your adventurers’ skills & abilities to complete contracts, recruit adventurers, & upgrade your Guild. Players each secretly assemble & order their teams at the same time. Predict your rival’s likely moves as you sequence your orders to get what you need most. Will your planning pay off? Will you negotiate & cooperate with your rivals? Or will you overpower & outbid them to become the ultimate Guild Master?

Includes, Game Board, 4 Guild Order Boards, 4 Guild Upgrade Boards, 167 cards, 4 Guild Screens, 4 Guild Ribbons, 4 Fame Markers, 4 Contest Tokens, 1 Round Marker, 1 Builder Cost Marker, 56 Gold Tokens, 30 6-sided dice, and 6 Prestige Upgrade Tokens

Player Count: 2-4 Players

Play Time:  60-120 Minutes

Recommended Age: 14+

Condition: Brand New and Sealed